Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

BACON!!!!!! (wrapped asparagus)  I know there will be those who just turn up their noses at this whole concept and say it is a waste of bacon. Yes, several people commented  exactly that on my facebook status when I posted what was for supper tonight. (dangit, I promise I am not so lame as to post what supper is every night, just once in a while)

Anyhow, back to the point of the story.  I saw this pin on Pinterest (yep magic word there again) for a recipe for Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.  I thought it was definitely worth a try since our family loves bacon, and has a moderate enjoyment of asparagus.  Enter Costco...2.2 lb bag of Asparagus for $3!  Then I sat around and waited for a sale on the bacon I liked...JACKPOT! Half price today at Sobeys!

Here is the original pin and the link to the original recipe (because we all know Pinterest crashes at the exact time you are looking for something specific)

Now I fudged the recipe a little, I didn't mix the sugar, butter and soy sauce in a pot and pour it on, i just sprinkled the sugar on, and drizzled melted butter and the soy sauce on top.  Then I baked it.....For too long!  I know what the recipe says and how that picture up there looks - but that is NOT how bacon comes out of my oven after 30 min at 400 when wrapped around asparagus. The asparagus ended up way too soggy for our liking (we like it a bit firm still, not totally mushy inside)  and the bacon was still half raw and chewy.  I was not overly impressed, and my 6 yr old agreed.  He actually took the bacon off and asked me to fry it crispier, then tried to feed the mushy asparagus to the dog (who wouldn't touch a vegetable if her life depended on it).  So where did this recipe go wrong?  Somewhere around the time the bacon didn't go straight into the oven ALONE and then straight into my belly!  Overall, I guess if you like your asparagus and bacon both mushy, then by all means, make this recipe.  If not, take a pass and cook em separately.

Before going in the oven, and after it came out.  You can see the bacon isn't even close to being done but the asparagus got way too wilty way too fast.  And no, that isn't is uh....extra character? 

(On a side delicious note, the circular things you see in the completed picture were awesome!  Basic thin slices of potato sprinkled with pepper and parmesan cheese. If you want them soft, bake about 30 min, crispier ones take 45 or more.  They taste just like the wedges from a pub, but waaaaayyy healthier!)


  1. Could you pre-cook the bacon? Just enough so its halfway and you can still roll it?

    1. Yeah, you probably could par-cook it. You should try it and let me know if it works! ;) hehehe