Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Simplicity Sweet Pea Tote Pattern 2396

I love sewing.  Most of the time.  I hate it when I can't make sense of a pattern!

 This Simplicity pattern was awful.  (I was sewing A/B)  Normally I find it fairly straight-forward to follow Simplicity's patterns, but not this time.  If you are a beginner starting out sewing, a tote is an ambitious endeavor to say the least, but if you were a beginner using this pattern you would be clueless.  I have been sewing since my mom taught me how as a young girl (not with much regularity until recently, but enough to not forget what I'm doing) and I was lost reading the instructions.  They were all over the place and seemed incredibly out of order to me.  I'm sure whoever wrote the directions thought it made sense to them, but they clearly forgot some words here and there.  I originally cut out my pieces for this bag before Christmas.  I sat and stared and stared at the instructions and finally thew my hands up in the air and walked away.  Sometimes it is best to do that before you destroy whatever project you are working on.  Well January came and it got COLD! We are talking minus catch your death out there! (an average of -30 Celsius with a windchill that makes it more like -45 Celsius!)  So sitting in the house in the cold, I decided it was time to dig out the old sewing machine again.  I looked at my pieces all cut out laying on my desk.  Then I took one look at the instructions and thew them in the garbage!  (The instructions, not the pieces)  Then I decided I was going to wing it!  Boy am I ever glad it turned out! hahaha.  I have now made two of these bags and the second one went together much faster than the first!  Including the time I spent cutting the pieces and attaching the fusible interfacing, the first bag took about 3 1/2 hours.  The second bag took just over 2.  I could see myself making more of these! Christmas gifts for all next year!!


  1. I love the liners you used. Very cute!

    1. Thanks! Start thinking about what color you want yours! lol.