Friday, 22 February 2013

Dresser Revamp!

My grandparents finally decided it was time to sell the farm this summer.  It was  bittersweet.  I love the place, but it became hard to justify keeping it anymore.  The farm had been in the family for over 100 years so it has been accumulating TONS of stuff and crap.  And when I say stuff and crap I really mean mostly crap and junk.  There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes of ridiculous things like hundreds of bread tags and milk caps.  People really used to save EVERYTHING way back when!  I guess I might too if I had an entire farm worth of buildings to fill up!

Anyhow, my favorite find while going through things and cleaning up for sale, were of course my grandmother's hats!  I love hats! They make me happy and I wish more people would start wearing them so I wouldn't feel so ridiculous wearing mine!  I will share pictures of those after my wedding since I will be wearing one I revamped for it.

Right now my 2nd favorite find is a fabulous dresser that they have had for as long as I can remember.  I snagged that baby and my parents snagged its companion.  I loved the dresser itself, but I hated the color and the handles.  It may have taken me 49 hours of sanding, stripping, staining and varnishing (not to mention the hunt for new handles that were for a hole spacing that was no longer standard)  and I have a new dresser for my bedroom which I absolutely ADORE!!  It is complete with a false top drawer that actually flips open and houses my satellite dish receiver!  Boy, who knew adjusting hinges and installing a lid stay would be so tricky!  I do now!

not bad, but not great before

had to fill in one hole for each handle as best I could since I didn't realize the hole spacing problem until after it was all refinished.  Oops!

the lid stay didn't come with instructions so I had to wing it.  Ended up drilling 3 sets of holes before I managed to get it in the right place so it would do what it was supposed to!


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