Friday, 22 February 2013

Handy hints Part 1 (There may or may not be a Part 2 at a later date)

I am a big fan of tips and tricks that make my life easier.  I want to share some that I have used recently.

First off; Bobby pins.

I know you are probably thinking what tip there could possibly be to make them stay in your hair.  well, turns out I have been using them wrong all these years.  You know the bumpy side, right?  Yeah that side you always put up and often has decorative embellishments.  Turns out you can make a bobby pin stay put ALL DAY LONG if you put the bumpy side down!  Life changing I tell ya!  I figured that one out by accident early this past summer and will never wear a bobby pin the other way ever again!

Second; Bathtub grime cleaning.

 I hate my bathtub.  It is made of some kind of acrylic that is a soap scum magnet.  It looks filthy disgusting 3 days after a deep scrub.  And when I say filthy, I mean like a grease monkey showered with a dog and a slimy snail.  Not pretty.  I was out of my usual cleaner the other day and I was so beyond disgusted by my tub I had to try something different.  This is where Dawn dish soap comes in.  Yep.  Dawn dish soap!  A hearty squirt in hot hot water in the bottom of the tub, a scrubbing sponge and some hot water and
6 minutes later I had a sparkling clean bathtub!  Amazement is the word that best describes this!  I no longer dread scrubbing the tub!

Third; Stinky Towels.

You know that strange stale smell that towels seem to get after a while? That almost but not quite mildewy smell?  Yeah it sucks.  You know your towels are clean but they still smell funky.  It happens.  To make it go away, just throw in 1/4 cup of baking soda into your wash load.  Makes a huge difference!  No need to do this every time though, just once every dozen or so times you wash em.

Fourth; Strawberries

Yep. Strawberries.  We eat a ton of them in our house!  I always feel so guilty cutting the top off and losing so much of the fruit when you take the greenery off.  Well, I have heard rumors that using a straw to remove the core works I tried it.  I'm hooked!  You just shove a straw right up through the whole strawberry (trying to go as straight as possible) and push that stem right out the top!  Holy time saver, Batman!  Less waste of both fruit and my time!

Core a strawberry with a straw!

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