Friday, 22 February 2013

I love a good sale!

I won't lie, I love shopping.  I usually try and come up with a good reason for shopping for a specific item before I go, and the reason this time was that we have an upcoming warm-ish weather vacation and my son only had 3 pairs of shorts that still fit him from last year.  We managed to snag some super adventuring shorts at Costco, but then I remembered Old Navy was having their big Baby and Kid sale!  Everything in the kids' department was 40% off, so of course I had to go check it out!

I have been seeing posts on the Old Navy Facebook page from Mommy Bloggers talking about what a great deal they got on some great outfits during this sale, but I really didn't see it as that great of a deal most of the time.  One woman mentioned getting 8 pieces for $75, which is not bad, but it certainly isn't incredible when I know you can find some great things in the clearance department and get the extra 40% off there too!

I went with the goal of getting just things for my son, but of course I stumbled across 2 shirts that I have had my eye on that were now in the clearance department!  Score!

For a grand total of $32.99 we got 1 pr of boys' chinos in a fantastic blue, 2 pairs of boys' fleece pants (so cozy!), a boys' fleece half zip, a skull covered boys' t-shirt, a ladies' sequin tank, and a ladies' ruffle long sleeve top.  (and 2 drinks because man they keep that store HOT!)  I still can't believe some things rang through at $1.26!! Un-freakin-real! Of course now that I am home and looking over my purchases, I wish I had grabbed a few more things!  Oh well, the best part about Old Navy is hitting up random sales and continually being surprised what you can get for an amazing price!

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