Monday, 7 May 2012

Simple Hooded Towel

 Hooded Towels were a great invention.  It is just too bad that Zane has such a giant melon for it to go over!  Most commercially available hooded towels are designed for kids with a much smaller head, so I figured, hey, towels are on sale super cheap at Walmart this week, I'm going to make one!  Pattern you ask? Um nope I kinda just cut blindly and hoped for the best, which actually turned out quite well!  In 15 minutes I turned a regular size bath towel and a hand towel into a hooded towel for under $5!! I didn't take a ton of pictures of this one, cuz hey 15 minutes and just a few steps and I sort of forgot about pictures. (oops)

1 - start with a bath towel and a hand towel

2 - I folded in half and cut the hand towel into a hood shape.

3 - sew the hood curve shut, and realize that the shape looks awful, re-sew the curve 3 times to make a nice shape (not the one pictured here).  Then finish the front edge of the hood with a nice stitch.

4 - Cut a rectangle shaped hole in the center of the bath towel while it is folded in half. (No I didn't measure. bad Ang) Sew the hood into the back half of this hole and hem the front half.

5 -Finished hooded towel 15 minutes later = Happy child after bath time! (It is a little big right now, but he is growing like a weed so it should fit him in a few weeks) hehehe.

I plan on making a few more of these, one for the swimming bag, one or 3 for at the lake, and one or 2 for regular rotation after baths!  (I will try to remember to take measurements and better pictures of the next one and update) Super easy, fun and useful for 15 minutes worth of my time and under $5!

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