Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Adventures (and disasters) in Baking

 So normally I am a half decent baker, not scared to take a risk or try something new to create a fantastic recipe...not today.  Today, being a rainy, gross day out, I decided to bake some brownies...with a twist.  I love s'mores, so I figured hey why not add some marshmallows halfway through the baking time!  It should end up with some nice toasted tops and ooey gooey goodness.  Well ooey gooey is one way to describe the mess I had after!  I should also mention, someone told me next time I bake brownies I should try covering the whole inside of my pan with tinfoil so it is easier to cut after.  

25 minutes in when I added the marshmallows

And this is the mushy mess I was left with after another 20 minutes in the oven.

Lessons I learned:  Tinfoil in my pan made cleanup a whole bunch easier.  I won't however be putting tinfoil in the pan next time I do brownies, when I did attempt cutting them I ended up with all kinds of little bits of foil stuck in my food.  Also this idea probably would have worked out much better if I had used mini marshmallows - and not too many of them!  My favorite learning experience from this though was that ooey gooey brownie marshmallowy mush tastes fantastic when warm and eaten with a spoon with some creamy vanilla ice cream!

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