Monday, 14 May 2012

Go go gadget Go-cart!

Some days I can't help but wonder if Zane's little 5 year old ears actually work.  Then I remember he is 5 and he hears what he wants to hear.  Clean up your toys, clean up your toys, clean up your toys, clean up your toys, clean up your toys, clean up your toys....and no toys have been cleaned up nor has any acknowledgement been made that he has even heard me say it.  However, say something quietly to another adult in the house when you think he is otherwise engaged in another room at the opposite end of the house and he remembers it and reminds you about what you said quite frequently.  Case in point:  Zane may have overheard a brief conversation several months ago about the possibility of getting a go-cart.  So, naturally, he assumed he was getting one.  He acted surprised, but deep down inside I know he knew it was coming.  Even though it probably wasn't a surprise, he loves it dearly and works super hard to get those little legs peddling fast to boogie down the hill!

Of course he and grandpa had to get this thing started before anyone else woke up so there are no pictures of it before it is half together! (and yes Zane is still in his pjs)

Yep there is even a trophy for winning the race!

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